2621 E 186th St.
Westfield, IN 46074 (Map)
Phone: 317-896-9355 |
Toll Free: 800-852-9524

New & Upcoming

Heartland 2023:

For over 30 years, Heartland has been open to independent customers wanting to find a great deal on annuals, foliage, tropicals, and more.  We’ve strived to create an environment that serves a wide variety of customers.  And as we look towards 2023 we are looking to innovate our system of providing customer service with the option of pre-booked orders and faster check out process and moving towards an online platform.
As we’ve grown, we are now over 60 acres of growing space between our main location in Westfield, and several contract growers.  We need to revamp how we bring you the best product in the state.

For 2023, we will still be in transition as we try out new ideas and strategies.

What to look for in 2023:

  1. New Seasonal Hours – We will open for the spring season and close on June 30. Opening again in September for the fall and Christmas season.
  2. Pick Up Area – Access to the the greenhouse will be limited to A and B wing. Product from the rest of the greenhouse will be offered in the Showcase.
  3. Pre-booked Orders- Large quantity orders can be placed with a customer sales representative and be ready for pick up as early as the following business day.
  4. Our Website  – We will keep updated information along with the opportunity to peruse availability and place orders online.