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If interested in a detailed Spring 2024 Price Sheet, please reach out to Sales or Wholesale on the Heartland Growers website and someone will get back to you shortly.


Flats – sizes range from retail 6 packs to landscaper 1801s

               Impatiens, vinca, begonias, petunia, marigold, coleus, zinnia

Proven Winners – Petunia, Calibrocha, verbena, nemesia, sedum, bidens

Basic and Premium Annuals – sizes range from 4” to 8”

Gerbera daisy, Zonal Geranium, Dahlia, Wave Petunia, Ipomea, Coleus, Bacopa, Diascia, Euphorbia, Lantana, New Guinea Impatiens, Sunpatiens, Torenia, Zinnia, Sunflowers, Verbena

Hanging Baskets – mono culture and combos in a variety of sizes

Planters – mono culture and combos in a variety of sizes

Branded Items – Sunpatiens, Wave Petunia, Dragon’s Breath Celosia

Tropicals – 6” and 10” and 12” Flowering tropical and lush Landscape foliage

Mandevilla, Hibiscus, Sundenia, Gardenia, Kimberly Ferns, Alocasia, Cannas, Palms, Cordyline, Jasmine, Lantana, Duranta, Ginger

Household Foliage – ranging from 3”-10” houseplants

Standard foliage, succulents, cacti, orchids. Kalanchoe, ivy, carnivorous plants, anthurium  Floor plants like yucca, marginatas, dracaena, ficus, spathiphyllum, palms


Mums – ranging from 4” – 14” in all colors

Fall Pansies – solid colors and mixes

Ornamental Cabbage and Kale – 8” size, multiple varieties and colors

Ornamental grasses – for Landscapers


Poinsettias – ranging from 4” – 10”, red, pink, white, marble, burgundy, specialty