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Westfield, IN 46074 (Map)
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Toll Free: 800-852-9524

Policies & Procedures

Heartland Growers is a wholesales greenhouse, we operate as a factory and we ask that you please read the following guidelines.

Policies and Procedures

On Arrival:

  1. All paperwork must be approved and up to date BEFORE your first purchasing trip.
  2. All customers must sign in to the greenhouse each time they visit. Everyone in your party must also sign in.
  3. Group size is limited TO 4. As a wholesale operation, we reserve the right to NOT separate orders and require 1 invoice per visit. No exceptions to this rule.
  4. Children under the age of 12 are NOT permitted in the greenhouse. This is for safety due to the amount of business activity in the greenhouse.
  5. With our growing customer base, we ask that you do not bring clients in to look at product. Please keep the visitors to your approved buyer list or your staff to help with loading.
  6. For your safety, guests are REQUIRED to wear COVERED heel and CLOSED toe shoes. We cannot allow open styled shoes in the greenhouse for safety reasons. You will be asked to return at another time with correct footwear.


  1. Please make use of the carts and boxes that are available in the pick-up barn or main corridor.
  2. When using your cart, pull by designated end and beware of hanging plants and water lines overhead. Please be mindful of where you leave your carts, keeping doorways and aisles clear.
  3. Do not remove any plants from another cart unless instructed otherwise. Most plants that are on carts are slated for another customer. If you are inquiring about product on a cart, ask a sales associate for more information.
  4. Be mindful of those around you, especially in the aisle ways and doorways of the greenhouse. We have a busy staff that is always moving about the greenhouse.
  5. Try to keep your cart in an orderly fashion to help with check out.
  6. Social Media: We are aware of the use of social media for many businesses. We ask, that you do not use any photos taken in the greenhouse or of our products in the process of directly selling your product. We serve a wide customer base and feel we owe it to ALL our customers that Heartland serves them equally. This would include, posting photos and waiting on site for sales (no IG or Facebook Live events), using photos of our inventory to sell product, or tagging Heartland Growers in your photos. We appreciate your help in this new arena of business.

On Payment/Loading/Shipping:

  1. $200 MINIMUM PURCHASE. Heartland Growers is strictly a wholesale business. We must have your state tax exemption certificate number on file or a landscape/nursery certificate document.
  2. COMPANY CHECK, CASH, OR CREDIT CARD ONLY. We accept MasterCard, Visa & American Express. No personal checks are accepted.
  3. There are loading docks, boxes, and sleeves available for you to load up your product right in our pick up barn area. Our staff may help load from time to time, but it is not their responsibility. If you will need help with loading, please bring staff to help you.

Purchasing Qualifications


(A.) Retailers, Wholesalers, or Manufacturers with State Tax Exempt status,

(B.) Non-Profit Organizations with Tax Exempt Status, or

(C.) Landscaper or Nursery Dealer License

We request to see either the actual document or a copy; we are unable to accept the license number only

Please complete the following information to begin the customer application process. When submitting an application, please include all other requested documentation. Please also notice the customer purchasing guidelines located on the previous page for additional terms and conditions to purchasing.


    Please also notice the customer purchasing guidelines located on the previous page for additional terms and conditions to purchasing.